Twisting machine maintenance need to pay attention to 4 points

2020-07-25 15:01:23 170

Machine maintenance is the daily production of the indispensable link, the quality of machine maintenance, direct impact on the quality of products, so the maintenance of the content and standards are very important.

Here are the parts of the twister that need to be checked regularly:

1. Part of spindle

Check the flexibility of spindle operation:. Remove the spindle; . Grasp the stationary plate and gently rotate the rotating plate to check whether the rotation is flexible? Is there abnormal noise? Are you short of oil?

If abnormal spindles are found, they shall be handled in the following order:

(1) Pull out the stationary disk with force to separate the stationary disk from the rotating disk. If it is too tight, remove the tension tube and remove it with a special fixture.

(2) Check whether the spindle bearing is tangled with waste wire, if any, remove, and check the flexibility of the bearing.

No waste filament winding, but the bearing rotation is not flexible; Or remove the waste wire after the bearing rotation is still not flexible, then use a special fixture to remove the bearing, replace the new bearing.

(4) Hold the bearing inner ring with the tubular jig and press the bearing in.

(5) After the upper surface of the bearing is coated with low torque butter, the stationary plate is pressed in.

If the spindle foot is short of oil, it should be refueled immediately.

2. Dragon belt

Check whether the dragon belt has abnormal sound, whether it moves up and down, whether it is entangled with waste silk, whether it is stained with oil. Abnormal sound of the dragon belt indicates that its operation is abnormal, or winding wire. To check that the dragon has not touched the upper and lower limit wheel, if it does, adjust the height of the tensioning wheel from the side of the driving belt disc. When the right twist, the dragon belt turns clockwise, so the adjustment starts from the active belt disc inspection, clockwise check for a week. Dragon belt up and down channeling is also due to the tensioning wheel high and low position is not caused. If the dragon belt is wrapped with waste silk, a small amount of it can be stopped to deal with, and a large amount of it needs to be dealt with immediately, otherwise the dragon belt will slip and abnormal sound will occur. When the dragon belt is seriously polluted, the spindle speed will decrease and make abnormal sound, so the dragon belt should be removed and cleaned with neutral detergent.

3. Tension wheel

During the transmission of the dragon belt, the outer side of the tensioning wheel and the inner side of the dragon belt are adopted. The main function of the tensioning wheel is to maintain the tension of the dragon belt and ensure that the transmission does not slip. When adjusting the tensioning wheel, make sure that the tensioning wheel is flexible in rotation. If the tensioning wheel is not flexible in rotation, the belt will be worn. At the same time to ensure that the tensioning wheel drive smooth. The structure of the tensioning wheel is shown in FIG. 4.1, and the transmission direction of the dragon belt is shown in the figure. If the dragon belt is too high at this time, it needs to be adjusted downward. (2) Loosen the left lifting screw and then screw down the right lifting screw; Tighten and tighten the screws. Generally, the adjustment range of the dragon belt is very small. Try to keep the dragon belt in the same position on each tensioning wheel.

4. Check whether the roller rod is flexible and whether there is wire winding.

If there is yarn winding, when a small amount of yarn winding can be handled at the end of the machine; If there is a large number of wire winding, it will affect the transmission, should stop immediately.