• The task of the winding process

    Winding process is the spinning machine or twister spinning of the tube (line) into bobbins, ready for the later process, or directly as selling bobbins, because the spinning machine and twister of the reel, regardless of the form and length of the yarn,

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  • What are the procedures of cotton spinning after twisting machine

    The post-processing procedures of cotton spinning by twister include winding, doubling, twisting, singeing, spinning and baling, etc. The spinning yar

    2020-07-25 188

  • What is a ring twister

    The folded yarn from the bobbin is output from the guide roller by the guide rod and the horizontal guide, and is wound on the bobbin by the guide hook and wire. When the spindle drives the bobbin to turn together, the yarn drags the wire loop around the

    2020-07-25 201

  • Principle of gear rotation of twister

    The twister is a textile machine which twists many strands of yarn into one strand. The function is to process yarn or combined yarn products into linear products for weaving and knitting yarn. The spindle outside the body of the twister is connected to t

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  • Warm congratulations to our company and Changzhou Juwu machinery Co., LTD. Reached a comprehensive strategic partnership!

    Warm congratulations to our company and Changzhou Juwu machinery Co., LTD. Reached a comprehensive strategic partnership!

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  • Type of wire making machine

    The commonly used wire wound by automatic winding machine is mostly enameled copper wire (winding the inductance coil of electronic and electrical products), textile wire (winding the yarn of spinning machine, yarn ball), as well as the electric hot wire

    2020-07-25 202

  • Basic knowledge of wool production by twisting machine

    1. Sheepwool accounts for a large proportion in textile raw materials. The world sheepwool production is larger in Australia, the former Soviet Union, New Zealand, Argentina, China and so on. According to fineness and length, sheep wool can be divided int

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  • Operation of beating machine

    Loom beat weft mechanism belongs to textile machinery parts. The existing weft beating mechanism of loom has some defects, such as large eccentricity, limited axial length, high machining accuracy and installation accuracy, and many interference phenomena

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  • Twisting machine maintenance need to pay attention to 4 points

    Machine maintenance is the daily production of the indispensable link, the quality of machine maintenance, direct impact on the quality of products, so the maintenance of the content and standards are very important.

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  • Development and use of twister

    With the need of testing various technological indexes of textile products, new and high-precision textile instruments emerge one after another. Some professional verification regulations issued by the state Textile Ministry are far from meeting the needs

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