Operation of beating machine

2020-07-25 15:02:58 170

Loom beat weft mechanism belongs to textile machinery parts. The existing weft beating mechanism of loom has some defects, such as large eccentricity, limited axial length, high machining accuracy and installation accuracy, and many interference phenomena. The utility model including the rocker arm, beating-up axis, balance block, bearing seat and installed on the radial guide beam, beam installed on beating-up shaft through screws, balance weight fixed installation in beating-up axial and radial is not in the same side, adjust the eccentric role, bearing set in the centre of beating-up shaft, bearing and beating-up shaft between bearing and kumite weft shaft support role, make the beating-up mechanism smooth operation, can realize high-speed beating-up movement, high in adaptability and seriation and fabric.

Because the sley is long at rest, short in motion and fast in motion during a period of motion, there is a great difference between the dynamic motion of the CAM beating mechanism (the actual motion of the mechanism) and the static motion (the nominal motion of the mechanism).

(1) The effect of component elasticity is shown in the rapid motion of the mechanism. The real motion of the sley is essentially elastic vibration around the nominal motion (similar to the law of trapezoidal acceleration), and the actual peak acceleration is greater than the design value.

(2) As the Reed actually vibrates elastic when moving, when the nominal motion is at a static stage, the Reed does not really stand still but vibrates freely, which means there is residual vibration in wuhan advertisement clothes. This will affect the stability of the weft insertion motion of the weft insertion driver during this period. However, there is no mandatory guidance for shuttle filling insertion. The shuttle will deviate from the correct flight direction after being vibrated, which is one reason why the CAM beating mechanism cannot be used for shuttle filling insertion.