Type of wire making machine

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The commonly used wire wound by automatic winding machine is mostly enameled copper wire (winding the inductance coil of electronic and electrical products), textile wire (winding the yarn of spinning machine, yarn ball), as well as the electric hot wire and soldering wire, wire and cable for heating appliance.

There are many kinds of winding machines, which can be divided into general type and special type according to their USES.

General purpose - one or more wires suitable for installation of a variety of frame winding machine. Common enameled wire winding machine; A machine with a circular winding is called a "single-head machine", and in this class there are "double-head machines" and "three-head machines "... Six heads. "/"

Special type -- is equipped with fixed special winding chuck, can only wind one kind of winding machine; Common special winding machine;

Special machine for winding transformer square transformer;

1. Special for square transformer --(for fine wire, for thick wire)

2. Special for ring transformer --(big ring machine, central ring machine, small ring machine)

3. Special for other types of transformers

Special machine for winding motor coils

1. Special machine for fan motor (seat fan, ceiling fan, swivel fan)

2. Special machine for toy mini motor; (Flying fork type, special head winding type)

3. Special machine for Series excited Rotor coil (power tool)

4. Fractional horsepower motor, and special machine for high-horsepower motor.

A special machine for winding inductive coils

1. Medium and color code inductance special machine

2, small magnetic ring inductance coil special machine

3, the speaker frequency division coil special machine

4, fluorescent lamp (electronic energy saving lamp) ballast special machine

Other special winder for horn voice coil

1, the horn voice coil special machine

2. Special machine for electric heat pipe

3. Insulating tape wrapping machine

4, textile yarn splitting machine

Winding machine according to the degree of automation can be divided into simple type, semi-automatic type, automatic type. The electronic control mode has the NUMERICAL control microcomputer microcontroller and the IBM computer control. It is classified as desktop and floor type by installation mode.